Membership & Road Stewards

Membership of the Bricket Wood Residents' Association is open to any occupier of a dwelling (whether owner or tenant) in the Village of Bricket Wood. Subscriptions, where payable, are collected on a household basis. Subscriptions are fixed at the Annual General Meeting and are currently £3 per household.

Road Stewards collect the annual subscriptions (calling on every household on their patch, since new residents may have moved in or a non-member may now wish to join) and deliver the quarterly newsletter of the Association, "The Voice". These Road Stewards (about 57 in number) are all volunteers and between them cover all the roads in the Village. While a retiring Road Steward will often find a replacement, any volunteer (contact us) would always be welcome because before long their offer would doubtless be taken up.

Each Road Steward is issued with an account book in which to note who has paid, who is an honorary member, the name of new members, who is a non-member and which houses are empty. The information in the account book is used to up-date our data base. Receipts are given to paying and honorary householders, and the stubs, money and account books are given to the Treasurer. Once the data base has been updated the account books are given to the person who distributes the copies of "The Voice" and the account books will be returned with the next issue of the newsletter. That person will arrange delivery of the “Voices" with each individual Road Steward. The "Voices", Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter, are normally with Road Stewards by the last week in February, May, August and November and we do ask that Road Stewards deliver them as quickly as possible since there are often advertised events early in the following month.

When Road Stewards learn of a newcomer on their patch they are asked to contact the person in charge of Welcome Packs so that they can call on the newcomer, welcome them to the Village and give them the very useful Welcome Pack. If you are a new resident please feel free to contact us so we can welcome you to the village.

All matters relating to Membership, Road Stewards and delivery of "The Voice" are initially dealt with by the five members of the Membership Group, a sub-group of the main BWRA Committee. When necessary, matters are brought to the main Committee either for discussion or information.