St Albans Council Draft Strategic Local Plan Consultation: 10 October to 23 November 2014

Post date: Oct 10, 2014 8:00:23 PM

Consultation on long term planning for the District – October/November 2014. 

The Council is carrying out a consultation on a draft Strategic Local Plan.  The Plan sets out overarching policies and principles for what can be built and where over the next two decades. 

Further details and the plan can be viewed on the St Albans City and District Council website

There are two related consultations:

Draft Strategic Local Plan Consultation 2014

All communities must have plans for future building development setting out what can be built and where. Such documents are called Local Plans. The Council is currently consulting on a draft Strategic Local Plan for St Albans District. When adopted, this will provide overarching policies and principles for what can be built, and where over the next two decades.

Help shape the content of the Local Plan by giving us your views. A six week consultation runs until Sunday 23 November, 5pm. To participate, please register on the consultation portal.

The Council will be holding a series of exhibitions across the District where you can get more information and speak directly with officers. The Bricket Wood (St Stephen Parish Council) date is Thursday, 23 October 2pm-8pm – Parish Council Offices, Station Road, Bricket Wood

Statement of Community Involvement Update 2014:  

The Council is seeking your views on the Statement of Community Involvement Update 2014. The consultation runs for six weeks between 10 October 2014 and 23 November 2014, 5pm. 

The Statement of Community Involvement (SCI) sets out how and when the community and other stakeholders will be consulted on the preparation and revision of documents that will make up the Local Plan and how the community is consulted on planning applications. The SCI seeks to ensure the active, meaningful and continued involvement of local communities and stakeholders throughout the process. This Council first adopted a SCI in 2006 and this document has been updated to comply with new legislation and to take into account the changing ways in which we consult stakeholders and the general public. 

The SCI is a ‘code of practice’ of how the Council involves people in planning decisions. This can include planning policy (plan-making) and decisions on planning applications.

The Council has long had a commitment to involve the public in the development of services. Our aim is that by involving the whole community in the planning process we can create a strategy for development within the District that meets the aspirations of the widest possible range of people, communities, organisations and businesses.

You are strongly encouraged to comment to this online consultation by registering to the consultation portal.