Rail Freight Interchange, Park Street: 24 January 2013 Update, St Albans City & District Council

Post date: Jan 24, 2013 8:17:26 PM

St Albans City & District Council has responded to the Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government’s recent letters regarding the proposed Radlett rail freight terminal near Park Street. 

The Secretary of State said, in his letter of 14 December, that he had decided after all not to re-open the inquiry into the Radlett strategic rail freight terminal (SFRI) and conjoin it with an inquiry into an alternative site at Colnbrook, Slough. 


In his letter of 20 December the Secretary of State said that he was “minded to approve” planning permission for the proposed interchange, subject to various conditions.

In its letters of 18 January, the Council has requested that the Secretary of State reconsider his decision not to re-open the Radlett inquiry and conjoin it with the Colnbrook inquiry.

The Council has also given notice of its intention to challenge the decision not to reopen and conjoin the inquiry through judicial review in the High Court if the Secretary of State does not meet the Council’s request.  The Council sets out its reasons in detail in its letters of 18 January.

The Council has requested a response from the Secretary of State within seven days.

Further details available from St Albans City & District Council.