Bus Route 361 (formerly 652): 28 July 2015

Post date: Sep 1, 2015 8:05:31 PM

After speaking to County Hall the good news is that a new contract will commence 29th August with Red Eagle, based on the currently operating timetable.

In the end, the route proved to be reasonably good value for money in the consultation and so we can now enjoy the benefit of a 'contract' bus secure( for the foreseeable future) for a period of 5 years! 

This is the best news for Bricket Wood and Park Street. In the past we have not had the security of a contracted bus. Health warning of course must be that no-one knows at this stage if the County will embark on further cut backs of contracted buses in the future. But, it is certainly good news and gives us a period of certainty we have not enjoyed before.

Link to timetable.

Aislinn Lee

County Councillor for St Stephens Division, Hertfordshire County Council

District Councillor for Park Street Ward, St Albans & District Council