Building Research Establishment and the Core Strategy: July 2011 Update

Post date: Jul 11, 2011 7:30:10 PM

Proposed housing on BRE site has been reinstated in Core Strategy! 


In April St Albans District Council cabinet removed the proposal of 150 houses on the BRE site from its Core Strategy document but at the beginning of July it has been reinstated in the pre-submission draft document which is being prepared for consultation.

The Residents Association Management Committee support the whole of BRE staying as an employment site to prevent the merging of Bricket Wood and Garston residential areas, to continue to provide employment for local people (living in existing and new housing) and there are traffic/transport and infrastructure issues too. Our preference for employment on the site is shared by local Councillors and the hundreds of residents who signed the petition.

It is important that everyone responds to the next stage of consultation and in the meantime write to your District Councillors - St Stephen Ward & Park Street Ward, St Albans City & District Council - and Parish Councillors - Bricket Wood Councillors, St Stephen Parish Council - with a copy to the BWRA Management Committee so we can represent your views.