Bricket Wood Common Cattle Grazing: 29 August to 24 October 2012

Post date: Aug 30, 2012 7:59:33 PM

Longhorn Cattle will be in Bricket Wood Common as part of a Conservation Grazing Project. The Cows will be there for 8 weeks 29 August to 24 October. 

Signs (attached) will be placed at each gate as well as permanent signage. 

If you get any emergency calls about the welfare of the cattle or broken fencing/gates please can you contact John Phillips from Maydencroft Farm  - the Contractor we have got in to do the grazing. 

Please call Maydencroft Farm on: 01462 420851 (7am and 6pm mon-fri) or 07812 527962 (out of hours) - John Phillips is stockman - or email

If it is a non emergency general enquiry please pass them on myself (detail below) or Mark Carter from the Countryside Management Service on 01462 459395 or email

We will be undertaking a meet the cows event day on Sunday 23 September which will be advertised in the paper, notice boards and websites etc...

Many thanks in advance. 


Nick Sherriff

Green Spaces Officer

Community Services

St Albans City and District Council

Direct:    (0)1727 819584

Ext         2584